China - India Relations

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Repository of material on China-India relations & possible future interactions between China & India

Our Objectives

1) Detailed monitoring of events in China
2) Long-term strategic analysis of China
3) Identification & analysis of the risks that China poses to India in the military, geopolitical, economic & technological spheres
4) Formulation of strategies & tactics for India to pro-actively deal with China

Events monitored & analyzed are:

1) China's economy & trade, sector-wise
2) SWOT Analysis of each sector of China's business & industry
3) China's defense & geopolitical strategies
4) China's military policies & military operations
5) China's foreign policies
6) China's Nuclear, Missile & Space Warfare capabilites
7) China's Biological Warfare & Chemical Warfare capabilites
8) Political developments in China
9) Preparation of dossiers on & psychological profiles of key Chinese personnel
10) SWOT analysis of China's technological development, sector-wise

Solutions & Recommendations for India

1) Forecasting & Simulation of plausible future events in China
2) Formulation of pro-active strategies for India to deal with various scenarios in China
3) What-if analysis of Indian strategies & tactics for dealing with China
4) Modelling & iterative simulation of India-China interactions
5) Formulation of alternative strategies & back-up plans for India to deal with China on a long-term basis

Examples of Issues

1) What does the Russia - China treaty bode for India? How should India react?
2) What does China's entry into the World Trade Organization mean for India's industry?
3) Game Theory & Simulations applied to border negotiations - McMahon Line, Aksai Chin, Arunachal Pradesh
4) How should India react to China's concerns about USA's National Missile Defense?
5) How should India deal with China's influence in Nepal, Myanmar, Tibet, Bhutan?
6) How should India deal with military, nuclear & geopolitical cooperation between Pakistan & China?

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